How to install highway engine guards' crash bars on Harley-Davidson Softail models?

How to install highway engine guards' crash bars on Harley-Davidson Softail models?


How to install highway engine guards' crash bars on Harley-Davidson Softail models?

Motorcycle armor has been around for decades, and if you own a motorcycle, a decent set of crash bars is a must-have protective accessory for your bike. 

So, we are going to do a detailed description and installation guide for two of  Harley front and rear engine guards for Harley-Davidson Softail models on this Blog, please check the following content for more details.


1. Front Highway Engine Guard:Fit for 2000-2017 Harley Softail FL models 

Keep your motorcycle protected on the open road with the front highway engine guard. This durable and sturdy guard is designed to prevent damage to your engine, paint, and other critical components in the event of an accident or impact. Made from high-quality steel with a powder-coated finish, the guard is rust-resistant and built to withstand the elements, including chrome and gloss black color. It also features a sleek and stylish design that complements the look of your bike. 


Here is about how to install this front highway engine guard


Step 1: Hold engine guard (1) in place, aligning the hole in the top center mounting flange of the guard with the hole in a cross brace, which is located between the front downtubes just below the steering head.


Step 2: Install washer (3) onto screw threads and insert screw (4) through the holes from the front. Install a second flat washer over screw threads and thread hex nut (2) onto the screw. Tighten finger-tight.


Step 3: On the right side, attach engine guard (1) to footboard mounting bracket (2) with screw (6), washer (5), and locknut (4) from kit. Tighten finger-tight.


Step 4: Repeat step 4 for the left side footboard mounting bracket (3). Tighten screw to 44 N·m (33 ft-lbs).


Step 5: Tighten the right side screw to 44 N·m (33 ft-lbs).


Step 6: Tighten the top screw to 25 N·m (19 ft-lbs).


2. Rear Highway Engine Guard: Fit for 2005-2017 Harley-Davidson FLSTN - Softail Deluxe

The rear highway crash bar is the perfect addition to your bike safety equipment. Now take a look at this rear crash bar that fits for 2005-2017 Harley-Davidson FLSTN - Softail Deluxe from mofun.

Designed to be tough and sturdy, the crash bar provides additional protection to the rear end in the unfortunate event of a collision, the most important is that it could protect the riders and passengers. Constructed from top-quality materials, the crash bar is built to withstand extreme weather conditions and is corrosion-resistant.Not only is the crash bar functional, but it also adds a sleek look to your motorcycle's profile. Its minimalist design complements the overall aesthetic appeal of your bike while providing maximum protection.This is a good worthwhile accessory to invest in for your beloved bike.


Here is about how to install this rear highway engine guard:


Step 1: Upper part first, bolting the guard directly to the fender bracket, choose the shorter screws to install.

 (See figure 1)


Step 2: Then the lower part, place the lower guard behind the footboard mounting bracket hole and use the longer foot peg bolt to go through the guard, leaving enough threads for a nylock nut. (See figure 2)


Step 3: Install the another side with the same way.

Finish look


Warning Tips:

  1. This crash bar doesn’t work with the grab bar seat, if you have installed that seat, you will need to remove it.
  2. When you install the left side bar, if the top flange can not seat flush on the fender rail, we suggest that you can add as  (See Figure 3)


After reading the above introduction, do you have a more in-depth understanding of the installation of crash bar? Of course, the installation method is different for different models.

In addition to this, we also have a wide range of crash bars for other Harley models and Indian models, and we update our blog from time to time to help our customers learn more about upgrading their motorcycles. Check out our online site to learn more:

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